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Why the Darico Terminal?

Bringing together a community of crypto enthusiasts, the Terminal aims to be a hub of information to make trading with crypto easier. The Darico Terminal will be a unique mix of features aimed at being the best source of information in the market today.

Keep track of the
latest crypto news

Multiple news sources will be broadcasted across the Terminal relevant to the crypto market. By integrating only the most trusted news sources available, you can be confident that you’re reading the most accurate and relevant crypto information.

Invest with confidence

The Terminal will provide a unique and accurate analysis of existing coins and upcoming ICOs, so you don’t have to. Simply keep track of the performance of your most loved tokens so that you can invest knowing you’re making good choices.

Easily Conduct
Technical Analysis

Our easy to understand charting system provides you with the tools to make informed investment decisions. The Terminal’s comprehensive charting system allows you to make technical analysis on available coins.

Trade coins quickly
and easily

As part of the Darico Ecosystem, the Darico Exchange will be seamlessly integrated into the Darcio Terminal, to allow DEC holders to trade coins simply and easily, all from one place.

The Darico Terminal
Your Way

The Darico Terminal will be completely customisable, allowing you to switch and change views so that you can see and keep track of exactly what you’re most interested in. The Darcio Terminal allows you to trade with ease.

Join the Darico ecosystem

The Darico Terminal is part of the Darico ecosystem, an ecosystem of products designed to make crypto trading easier.

The Darico Terminal will be available on a paid subscription basis with DEC tokens.


The Roadmap

Q4 2016

Darico Concept created

Q2 - Q4 2017

Darico Ecosystem Definition & Development

Q3 2017

Darico AG incorporated in Zug, Switzerland

Q4 2017

Pre-ICO launch raised $2 million

Q4 2017

Darico Limited incorporated in Gibraltar

Q1 2018

Launch of DEC token sale

Q1 2018

Darico wallet launch

Q2 2018

Darico terminal launch

Q3 / Q4 2018

Darico debit card launch

Q4 2018 / Q1 2019

Darico exchange launch

Q2 / Q3 2019

Darico index fund launched

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the terminal be available?

The Darico terminal is currently in development, and will be available from May.

Do you have a complete list of features?

We’re still working on making sure the Darico Terminal is the best crypto tool in the market, so we’re constantly updating and adding in new features. We will release a comprehensive feature list in the future.

I have a feature idea

We love to hear what features you want to see in the Terminal. If you have a great idea, then please let us know at [email protected]

Where can I learn more about Darico?

You can learn more about Darico on our Darico website at

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