Frequently Asked Questions

D = Decentralized \nA = Assets-Backed \nR = Return-Focused \nI = Investment-Grade \nC O = Cryptocurrency

Yes, however high volatility generates extremely high risk in your portfolio, which means that you will see an extreme swing between profit and loss within a short time frame, which is unhealthy for the overall portfolio and eventually leads to huge losses if the investment fails. Darico provides controlled volatility. This means that you are more likely to make stable, consistent profit over-time, which will enable your portfolio to grow with minimal risk.

The Darico ICO will begin on the 30th January 2018

The ICO will run for 6 months, ending on the 30th July 2018

Due to the legal restrictions, US residents aren’t allowed to participate in the sale.

The total supply of DRC would be 240,000,000 DRC (240 Million DRC) which will be achieved by the auto-mining of DRX for the period of 18 years.

The price of Darico depends on the stage of the ICO as we have scheduled different bonuses throughout the ICO which will last for 6 month. The earlier you invest in Darico the better bonus you will be rewarded.

Darico is a utility token. Darico is an entire ecosystem of different products that makes it a valuable investment for users, and will allow Darico holders to user Darico in multiple scenarios. This ecosystem includes the Darico wallet, terminal, exchange, liquidity pool, debit card and index fund.

This will be the cornerstone where all Darico investors will hold their DRC and DRX, along with other ERC20 tokens. The wallet will provide you with quick access to your entire value of each coin and investments as a whole. They’ll also be the option to add in coin watchlists so that you can keep track of future potential investments. New features will be added to the Darico wallet over time.

The Darico wallet is expected to launch in Q1 2018

The Darico terminal will act as a hub for all DRC holders, to provide easy to access information from multiple news sources, analysis, recommendations, charting systems and more, to give investors an edge in the market. Here at Darico we know how much information is out there in the crypto industry, and we wanted to create a hub of trusted information to help make it easier for you to undertake investment decisions.

The Darico terminal is expected to launch in Q2 2018

The Darico debit card will allow holders of DRC to have their DRC on hand with them at all times. This means that you can access your DRC wherever and whenever you want, without the need a laptop or PC. The Darico debit card will be a physical card.

The Darico debit card is expected to launch in Q3 2018

The Darico index fund is a list of 10 - 20 highly liquid cryptocurrencies which will help to create a diversified portfolio. The profits that are generated from the index fund will help to make up the value of a second Darico cryptocurrency that can only be bought and sold with DRC tokens. This will act as a buffer for DRC to ensure high liquidity and volume in trade.

The Darico index fund is expected to launch in Q4 2018

The Darico exchange will allow DRC holders to trade and exchange DRC into other coins. Allowing this will help to drive the volume of DRC and ensure liquidity in the market.

The Darico exchange is expected to launch in Q2 2019

The Darico liquidity pool is a combination of BTC, ETH and Gold and these assets are used to create the DRC token, to help maintain the price and neglect the effect of Pump & Dump schemes.

If you are a high-wealth individual or business who would like to invest in the Darico liquidity pool, then please get in contact with us through our contact page.

Genesis Accounts (DRX) emit Darico over time in a process called Auto Mining. These bonus coins will be available to claim directly from the application, which means you will be generating additional Darico just by having the accounts. For every 1000 DRC purchased, you’ll receive 1 DRX.

10 DRC is the minimum amount, which means the minimum investment is US$10.

You can participate in our bounty campaign on Bitcointalk.